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One tradition that many couples and guests look forward to the night before the big day is the rehearsal dinner. It’s the perfect time to get acquainted with new friends and family, and nearby Bear Lake Reserve is home to the perfect space for such an occasion: Mill Pond Pavilion. Callie is back to give us the scoop on rehearsal dinner planning and what makes Mill Pond Pavilion so special!

Why have a rehearsal dinner?

“The most popular reason for a rehearsal dinner is gathering everyone the night before to introduce family and friends. A lot of people are traveling to Bear Lake for their wedding at the Castle, so this becomes a destination for a lot of families that might be meeting for the first time. I think it’s a great way to warm everyone up for the main event the next day.”

At what point in the wedding planning process do couples typically begin planning the rehearsal dinner?

“I would say most couples should start considering their rehearsal dinner 8 months prior to their wedding.”


What are some of the differences between rehearsal dinners and reception dinners?

“Besides often having different menus, rehearsal dinners are usually a casual get together with close friends and family as the excitement builds. The wedding reception dinner is more of a time to pause and realize ‘wow, I just got married!’ as you’re surrounded by all the people you love. They both share many details though, such as toasts to the happy couple!”

What makes the Mill Pond Pavilion a great location for a rehearsal dinner?

“The setting itself is fantastic. It’s a completely different environment than the Castle: relaxed and tucked away within the woods and nature. So, you get two unique experiences. It’s also great logistically. Located within Bear Lake Reserve and just five minutes from the Castle, your guests won’t have to venture far!”

‘What is included in the rehearsal dinner package?

“Our packages include the food, beer & wine, candle centerpieces, polyblend linens, tables, chairs, staffing, and use of the two fireplaces at Mill Pond. We have a wide range of menu options, including Italian, Mexican, BBQ, and heavy hors d’oeuvres. The heavy hors d’oeuvres menu is great for larger parties that want to mingle.”


What other vendors typically attend a rehearsal dinner?

“Some couples choose to invite their officiant, but that is completely your decision! Most vendors typically will not attend unless you’ve made arrangements with them.”

Are there any additional amenities couples can add to their rehearsal dinner package?

“We also offer yard games and s’mores packages! Our Mill Pond Rehearsal Dinner Packages are meant to be a one-stop-shop to host your event with everything a client would require.”

With the perfect blend of convenience and customizability in a beautifully serene setting, there’s no better location to host your wedding reception dinner than Mill Pond Pavilion. We’ll catch back up with Callie soon to discuss the final topic in our food & beverage blog series: bar packages. Until then, be sure to read our post about the catering experience at Castle Ladyhawke!