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At Castle Ladyhawke, our fantastic team of in-house culinary experts are here to ensure you and your guests receive the best catering experience possible. One of the experts you’ll be in contact with after signing your contract is Callie Owens, our Catering Sales Manager. She has many years of experience in the world of fine dining including a stint alongside Chef Johannes, one of our preferred catering partners, at his restaurant. We sat down with her to provide some more insight on the catering experience at Castle Ladyhawke.


When should couples start thinking about defining their menu? When should they expect to hear from you?

“I reach out to couples 4 months prior to their wedding. What I look for in this first meeting is if they have any types of food in mind, themes, etc. So about 4 months before the big day is a great time to start brainstorming! Prior to this meeting, it is helpful to review our menus so that you have an idea of what we currently offer. Then during your meeting, we can discuss how to customize your selections based upon your vision and style. “

How do you work with Chef Santiago/Chef Johannes through the planning process?

“Once I get the initial menu request from the couple, I go to whichever chef is catering their wedding and walk through the menu with them. That way, the chefs can make recommendations or adjustments which I can pass on to the couple. For example, couples don’t always consider presentation and color in their meals, but colorful sides or fun appetizers can make the culinary experience that much more enjoyable!”

What should a couple expect during a menu meeting?

“I like to just let them take the wheel and create the experience they want while being available for any assistance or recommendations they may need. That way, their experience is as personalized as possible.”

What are the different types of menus that are offered?

“Chef Santiago offers three different tiers of menus with variable pricing while Chef Johannes offers seasonal menus at a higher price point. They both source local ingredients for their menus, so you’re guaranteed to have that fresh flavor!”

Can menus be customized?

“Of course, we’ll do our best to make anything happen! Between Chef Johannes and Chef Santi, we have two Michelin-trained chefs with their own unique styles that are amazing to work with. That allows us to cater to everyone’s needs and provide a truly customized experience for every event.”

Can you adapt to dietary restrictions?

“Absolutely! Rather than having to shape your entire menu around dietary restrictions and food allergies, we can provide customized meals for those guests. So, if some of your friends and family are vegan, we can fully accommodate them and ensure everyone has a fantastic experience.”

What are the different styles of service you offer?

“We offer plated, buffet, stations and family style service.”

Plated – The most traditional reception style, is when all the guests are seated and served a formal dinner. This works great for guest counts from 35 to 100.

Family style – when food is served on large platters meant for sharing, rather than as individual plates. This style works really well for intimate weddings with guest counts under 50.

Station style – Variety of stations offering smaller portions, such as a carving station, heavy hors d’oeuvres, pasta station, etc. You do not need to have seating for everyone so this works great in the Castle to allow guests to explore!

Buffet style – A meal where guests serve themselves from a variety of chaffing dishes set out on a table. This is ideal for weddings with guest counts over 50. They make it much easier to serve a larger group of guests in a timely manner so that they can get the party started on the dance floor.

What are some of the most popular dishes at Castle Ladyhawke?

“The lobster and shrimp lollipops are hands down the most popular. Skirt steak and beef tenderloin are a close second. The beef tenderloin is served at a carving station, so guests can enjoy the show as their meat is prepared to their liking. As for sides, everyone loves our signature truffle mac & cheese!”

Do you offer food tastings?

“Yes! Tastings can be arranged with either of our preferred caterers and typically cost between $100-$150. Just reach out to me if you’re interested in that and I’ll give a heads up to Chef so he can prepare!”

When are final guest counts due as well as other deadlines?

“We ask for a soft guest count 30 days prior to the wedding and a final count 14 days prior. This coincides with other important deadlines such as their final payments and BEO signing, so you can spend less time worrying about due dates and more time getting ready for the big day!”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

“I work with couples to design their bar packages as well, so that’s something we will discuss during the menu selection process. We have a Castle Cocktail list of recipes if they need any inspiration for specialty cocktails, and I am here to guide them through the entire process!”


Big thanks to Callie for taking the time to talk with us about the catering experience at Castle Ladyhawke. While we were chatting, we also discussed the rehearsal dinner experience at Mill Pond as well as the bar package selection process. Stay tuned for more insight in future blog posts!