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Hands down, Saturday is the most popular day of the week for lovers to tie the knot. For many couples and their families, there are a multitude of great reasons to choose Saturday. However, what if we told you that Fridays and Sundays are the new Saturdays at Castle Ladyhawke? Keep reading to see why a Friday or Sunday wedding may be the answer you have been searching for.

More Availability for Your Perfect Date

For starters, Saturdays are the first dates to get booked because of their popularity. Both venues and vendors are likely to be tight on availability, which could significantly limit your options. Finding a Saturday in the fall is especially rare because of the high demand for both the day and the season. In order to broaden the possibilities of securing your dream venue and top-notch vendors, you should consider a Friday or Sunday wedding. By opening your mind to a Friday or Sunday, you open up more availability to lock in your perfect date, your favorite venue, and the best vendors that are sure to make your day everything you imagined and more.

Make Your Budget Go Farther

When it comes to weddings, it is essential to save money where you can and make your budget go farther. A Saturday wedding instantly makes venue fees as well as food and beverage minimums increase. These costs are typically the two largest for a wedding, so by choosing a Friday or Sunday, you could easily save thousands. Friday weddings also allow for less expensive rehearsal dinner opportunities on Thursdays. Most venues will have greater availability and lower fees for a Thursday rehearsal dinner versus a Friday night. Now that you have saved thousands of dollars by choosing a Friday or Sunday, your savings can be used to make your wedding even more spectacular. With more money left in your budget, consider upgrading to the radiance package, cozy lounge furniture, or an elevated bar package. In addition to these upgrades, your budget could also now accommodate a welcome reception or send-off brunch. The possibilities become endless by simply moving your ceremony 24 hours sooner or later.


Travel Savings for Your Guests

Speaking of savings, let’s move on to your guests. For friends and family that will be traveling for your special day, a Friday or Sunday wedding can be beneficial to them as well. Flights are generally most expensive on Fridays and Sundays, and the Sunday rush as people head home can be stressful. Meanwhile, flights are generally more affordable on days such as Thursday, Saturday, and Monday. Just a slight shift from the normal weekend schedule makes it easier for your guests to fit their travel expenses into their budget, meaning more people attend. When looking at cost savings for both you and your guests, a Friday or Sunday wedding is truly a no-brainer. Everyone wins!


Turn the Big Day into a Weekend Getaway

Either start the weekend off with a bang or build up to the big day. Regardless, a Friday or Sunday wedding allows you to turn your special day into a weekend getaway. Bear Lake Reserve is just 5 minutes away from Castle Ladyhawke, making it the most convenient place for you and your guests to stay. There are also a variety of activities for all ages, including golf, tennis/pickleball, hiking, kayaking, and much more. A trip to the lively town of Sylva should also be on your weekend itinerary. Sip a glass of wine at The Wine Bar & Cellar with your closest friends and family, and then walk over to Ilda and experience a taste of Southern Italian cuisine from award-winning Michelin-trained Chef Santiago Guzzetti. Finish off your weekend getaway strong with a send-off brunch at Mill Pond as you take in the beauty of nature and reminisce on a truly priceless weekend.


As you can see, there are many reasons that Fridays and Sundays are becoming the new Saturdays at Castle Ladyhawke. From greater availability to cost savings for both you and your guests and the potential to turn your big day into a weekend getaway, selecting a Friday or Sunday wedding may be one of the best decisions you and your significant other make during the planning process.