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Castle Ladyhawke is renowned not only for its stunning architecture and beautiful scenery, but also for its exceptional culinary experiences. At the heart of this gastronomic marvel stands Chef Santiago Guzzetti, a culinary virtuoso whose talent has transcended the castle’s grandeur to grace national television. Chef Santiago Guzzetti recently appeared on Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay,” pitting his culinary prowess against the formidable Iron Chef himself!

A native of Argentina who was inspired by his Sicilian grandmother to pursue culinary arts professionally, Chef Santiago brings passion, ambition, and culinary excellence to the table. Literally! After culinary school, he worked at some of New York’s most famous restaurants including the luxury, five-star Baccarat Hotel and Restaurant Jean-George under Michelin-Star & James Beard Award-Winning Chef Gabriel Kreuther. In addition to his valuable experience in New York City, Chef Santiago honed his skills in his native country of Argentina as well as Spain at other cutting-edge establishments. Now, he’s a well-traveled, Michelin-trained chef with extensive experience utilizing Italian, French, and Appalachian techniques. In addition to being our preferred catering partner at Castle Ladyhawke, Chef Santi co-owns the award-winning Italian restaurant ILDA, Meatballs Pizzeria, and Santè: The Wine Bar in Sylva with his wife, Crystal. From decadent pasta dishes to shareable charcuterie boards, his versatility and creativity are always on display at each of these unique establishments. It’s no surprise that his talents garnered the attention of Food Network and world-renowned Chef Bobby Flay.

“Beat Bobby Flay” is a popular show on Food Network where two chefs go head-to-head in a cooking competition. The twist? The winning chef must then face off against celebrity Chef Bobby Flay, known for his culinary expertise and competitive spirit. Chef Santiago Guzzetti faced a daunting task but was determined to showcase his talents on a national platform. 

In this episode, entitled “The Bald and the Beautiful”, Chef Santi went head-to-head against Chef Dom Crisp. His first creation was judged by supermodel and swimwear designer Devon Windsor as well as Chef Michael Symon. They declared Chef Santi the winner, allowing him to proceed to the final round and face-off with Bobby Flay. Curious if he emerged victorious? No spoilers here! Find out for yourself by viewing the episode on the Discovery+ streaming platform.

Not many couples can say that their caterer went on national television to compete against Bobby Flay. It’s a story of talent, dedication, and the magic that happens when passion meets the plate. Castle Ladyhawke continues to be a destination for those seeking unforgettable dining experiences for their wedding, thanks in no small part to our culinary maestro Chef Santiago Guzzetti.