Meet the Team at Castle Ladyhawke

We may be biased, but we believe we have an exceptional team here at Castle Ladyhawke! Whether you are booking the wedding of your dreams or a special event, you will be in good hands with our knowledgable and professional staff. For more information about booking your wedding or event, please contact us at or call us at 833-522-7853 and one of our team members will reach out to you!

Wedding Director | Kelsie Rich |

Kelsie Rich is our Wedding and Events Manager at Castle Ladyhawke and Bear Lake Reserve! She has been with the team overall since 2016. She plans, oversees, organizes, and executes all wedding at Castle Ladyhawke and Bear Lake Reserve. She would be your main point of contact! Her favorite room in the castle would be the Ladyhawke Suite; she loves how spacious it is, the gorgeous views, and all of the natural light that floods in!


Castellan | Lady Sarah Little |

Born, raised, and educated in England, Sarah Little is the Castellan at Castle Ladyhawke. A Castellan is the Medieval English name for someone who runs a castle and its territory. Sarah is the point of contact for all event planners, vendors, suppliers, and providers, she knows the history of Castle Ladyhawke, and she provides tours to potential clients. Read more about Lady Sarah here.

Castle Concierge | Mason Jones |

Mason is our Castle Concierge team member; she works with leads, books tours, creates customizable proposals, and makes sure that your wedding is the one of your dreams! She is from Kannapolis, North Carolina and has been a member of the team for three years. Her favorite part of Castle Ladyhawke are the long-range mountain views, especially when the sun is setting and turning the sky different shades of oranges and purples.

Castle Consultant | Shayna Bigazzi |

Shayna is our Castle Consultant, which means she provides guidance and operational know-how to make our events at the castle shine! She is from Montreal, Québec, Canada and has been a member of our team for six months. Her favorite part about Castle Ladyhawke is the large hand-carved wooden armoire facing the bed in the master suite. It makes her feel as if she has found the gateway to Narnia!

Social Media Manager | Kali Lee |

Meet Kali! Kali is from St. Augustine, Florida and is our Social Media Manager for Castle Ladyhawke. She runs the social media accounts, digital campaigns, print advertising, and generates marketing strategies! Her favorite room in Castle Ladyhawke would be the pub—she finds it the best place to concentrate on her creativity and work.


 Want to be featured on our social media? Send Kali photos of your event to her email address for a chance to be featured on our Instagram or Facebook page!

Marketing and Design Manager | Samara Powers |

Samara is our Marketing and Design Manager! She telecommutes from Gainesville, Florida. She works with the team to generate content like brochures and interest campaigns to entice and inform people about the amazingness that is Castle Ladyhawke! Brand management, design, and lead generation strategies are also what Samara heads over. She has been a member of the team since 2017! Samara’s favorite part of the Castle is the Great Hall, specifically the mantelpiece over the fireplace. She loves that there are so many authentic, historical artifacts throughout the Castle.


 Our newest exciting addition is custom castle flags- we’d love to create a proof in your wedding colors! Send over your preferences to Samara’s email and she will get those proofs over to you!

Graphic Designer | Hunter Angersbach |

Hunter is one of our Graphic Designers who is from Marco Island, Florida. Hunter and his family have been visiting the area for six years and have been Members of our community for three! He works on creative advertising for both Castle Ladyhawke and Bear Lake Reserve! There’s a hidden, secret passageway behind the bookcase inside Castle Ladyhawke- that’s Hunter’s favorite part!